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In Feel Design is setting the standard for unique and stylish architecture in Cambodia. the company draws on over a decade of architectural experience, both traditional Khmer & Chines and European design concepts.

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Our Partners is a We believe a city is but a collection of spaces. We believe each space has its own story.

We seek to bring the best out of each space through the careful consideration of local context, culture, and immateriality.

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Founding partners, who are Korean experts established WALL DÉCOR in 2009 & INFEEL DESIGN in 2011. Since its humble beginnings, the firm’s staff has gained much experience & strength in the field. Moreover

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With a track record of more than 10 years in the industry, IN FEEL CO.,LTD. has earned an unparalleled reputation for integrating skilled architecture, creative interior design and qualified materials. Paramount to our success lies in our insistence on servicing our clients with creativity, excellence and commitment. We continually strive to uphold our mission to be the provider of our own premier design practice both locally and in the region. Currently, we are managing projects all over provinces. Partnering our clients in their race to the top, IN FEEL CO.,LTD. now offers a complete & total solution – i.e. a parceled cross-discipline integrated solution, encompassing all aspects of the interior & exterior construction business. We offer a three-pronged total solution; such as Design + Engineering + Management. Our design encompasses architecture, interiors and environmental branding (graphics). Total coverage of engineering offers structural, electrical and mechanical. Total management provides development, project, construction and place management architecture design in Cambodia.

Founding partners, who are Korean experts established WALL DÉCOR in 2009 & INFEEL DESIGN in 2011. Since its humble beginnings, the firm’s staff has gained much experience & strength in the field. Moreover, number of staffs has reached almost 50 over the past years under robust and exceptional leadership.

2010 marked the year when we installed wallpaper for government office including the council of ministers, chosen as a reliable local supplier.  In 2012, our first interior construction was set up for global brand, Samsung Electronics. From 2013, the remarkable progress was achieved with many global partners such as Samsung Electronics, Yamaha Motors, Nokia Mobile, Kumho E&C, Mitsubishi, etc. In that same year, structural construction was started with big faith from our partners. In 2014, We started long term business partnership with LG Electronics. In 2015 & 2016, We entered and formed branch offices in Myanmar & Laos to satisfy client’s demand. In 2017 ~ 2020, We continue to work hard for our clients and develop new design materials to provide fresh touch & outstanding quality to the design market in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

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We are open from Monday to Saturday / 8:00 – 18:00

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Address: #125 12 BT St, Phnom Penh 12351

Cell: +855(0) 016 63 43 26
Cell: +855(0) 089 669 916


Address: #125 12 BT St, Phnom Penh 12351

Cell: +855(0) 016 63 43 26
Cell: +855(0) 089 669 916